Find the safest way – With PiCCO only<br>

* Preload volume (GEDI), lung water (ELWI) and ScvO2 via a standard CVC can only be measured with the PiCCO-Technology.


Adequate O2 supply?

  • O2-supply depends on the CO
  • Clinical examination and standard monitoring do not reflect CO
  • Non calibrated systems are not accurate yet
  • ScvO2 reflects global tissue oxygenation

Volume or Catecholamines

  • GEDI reliably indicates hypovolemia
  • PPV/SVV show effectiveness of volume loading on CO
  • ELWI warns of impending fluid overload
  • SVRI represents vascular resistance
  • Additional information on contractility is available from CFI, GEF, dPmx

Why measure lung water?

  • Lung edema is a frequent complication of septic shock
  • Fluid overload through excessive volume administration can be avoided
  • ELWI is significantly more sensitive than chest x-ray
  • High ELWI is associated with poor prognosis

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