LiMON is the Technology for non-invasive measurement of liver function and splanchnic perfusion monitoring, based on elimination of ICG-PULSION.

ICG-PULSION is a fluorescent dye. It is intended for intravenous injection. Once injected into the blood stream ICG-Pulsion will circulate through the whole body and will accumulate in different amounts, depending on the blood-circulation to the respective organs or tissue.

The absorption and emission spectrum of ICG-Pulsion are both in the near infrared range. For this reason it can be detected and quantified by optical procedures. Measurement can be performed invasively with a fiber-optic catheter or non-invasively through the skin. Therefore, ICG-PULSION fits excellently  in PULSION's less invasive product group.

Earliest detection of liver dysfunction

  • Reflects actual liver function
  • Non-invasive measurement
  • Available at the bedside

Product availability depending on country.

PULSION is part of Maquet Getinge Group