PiCCO Technology

Monitoring physiological parameters is essential for the goal directed management of critical care patients. Highly invasive monitoring methods have been established in clinical practice for many years, but are increasingly the centre of critical discussion.
The PiCCO-Technology is the solution.


Indications and fields of applications:

PiCCO-Technology is the easy, less invasive and cost-efficient tool for determining the main hemodynamic parameters of critically ill patients.

Diagnosis ➔ Patient Monitoring➔ Therapy guidance


In the intensive care unit:
Advanced Monitoring of:
➔ Hemodynamic instability
➔ Shock
➔ Sepsis
➔ Lung injury
➔ Pulmonary edema
➔ Organ failure


In the Operating Room (OR):
Advanced Monitoring of:

➔ Highrisk patients
➔ Highrisk procedures
➔ Extreme volume shifts

Prevention of

➔ Perioperative circulatory complications and pulmonray edema

PiCCO-Technology monitors the “hemodynamic triangle” of the patient and answers the key question “volume or catecholamines?”


Product and technology availability depending on country.


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