Improve Outcome in Major Abdominal Surgery with ProAQT



  • Early goal directed therapy based on radial artery pulse contour analysis
  • Less complications, particularly less infections
  • Goal directed therapy with CI, PPV and MAP as target parameters
  • Individualise your treatment!

Goal Directed Therapy (GDT) – A proven concept for outcome optimisation

Recent meta-analysis confirm the evidence – GDT significantly reduces*:

Despite the overwhelming evidence it is seen that:

  • UK and France have incorporated GDT into national guidelines but there is a strong need for other European countries to follow.
  • Experts estimate the use of GDT in the perioperative settings to be less than 20%.
  • For many anaesthetists it is unclear in which patient groups GDT can be used and which algorithms they should apply.

PulsioFlex – Your navigator in perioperative haemodynamic management

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